West Lafayette Veterinary Care

Opening June 10

At West Lafayette Veterinary Care, we’re excited to provide comprehensive, high-quality veterinary care.


Our Team Can’t
Wait To Meet You

Our knowledgeable veterinarians and committed staff will continue to give your pets the best care possible in the upcoming months. With our years of experience, passion for fear-free techniques, and love for animals, we’ll create a warm atmosphere where both pets and their owners feel supported. In the upcoming months, we can’t wait to get to know your pets and begin providing your family with excellent veterinary care.

Our Complete Veterinary Care

To maintain the well-being of your beloved pets, West Lafayette Veterinary Care will be offering a wide range of veterinary services.


Pet Wellness


Pet Diagnostics


Pet Dental


Pet Surgery


Pet Urgent Care

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We Are Open!

We are thrilled to provide an exciting update on the development of the brand-new, cutting-edge facility at West Lafayette Veterinary Care! As you are aware, we have been pursuing the goal of providing you and your cherished pets with a beautiful space, and we are moving closer to achieving that goal. We’re proud to announce we’ll be opening our doors June 10.